Does your baby need a sleeping bag ? In this guide, you will find all the practical advice and recommendations to help you in your purchasing process. Depending on temperature variations throughout the year, choosing the right sleeping bag is essential to ensure your little one's comfort and safety while they sleep.

TOG 0.5 sleeping bags

A TOG of 0.5 would be considered very light in terms of thermal insulation. This means that the item in question would not be very warm and would be more suitable for warmer temperatures or for summer months when you need a lightweight blanket. For example, a duvet with a TOG of 0.5 would be designed to provide minimal warmth.

Sleeping bags with a TOG of 0.5 keep your baby cool and comfortable, preventing any risk of overheating on hot nights. It is essential to consider the ambient temperature of your baby's room when choosing the TOG of the sleep sack, as this will ensure peaceful and safe sleep for your little one.

TOG 1 sleeping bag

A tog 1 sleeping bag is a sleeping bag (or baby sleeping bag) designed for use in relatively warm temperature conditions. The term "tog" refers to the heat index used to measure the thermal insulation capacity of a sleeping bag. The lower the tog index, the lighter the sleeping bag and suitable for warm temperatures.

A tog 1 sleeping bag is generally recommended for use in rooms where the room temperature is around 24°C (75°F) or higher, as it provides lightweight insulation to keep baby comfortable and not overheat not while sleeping. It is ideal for hot seasons, such as summer.

TOG 2 sleeping bag

A TOG 2 indicates that the sleeping bag or sleeping bag has fairly high thermal insulation, meaning it is designed for use in cooler or colder conditions. It is important to choose a sleeping bag with the appropriate TOG based on the temperature of your baby's room and the season. For example, a higher TOG would be suitable for winter, while a lower TOG would be more suitable for summer when temperatures are higher.

TOG 3 sleeping bag

A TOG 3 sleeping bag would therefore be more suitable for cooler nights or winter, while a sleeping bag with a lower TOG would be better suited to warmer temperatures or milder seasons. It is important to choose the appropriate sleeping bag based on the ambient temperature in your baby's room to ensure comfort and safety while sleeping.

What is the TOG index?

The term "TOG" is generally used to measure the warmth and thermal insulation of sleepwear, particularly sleeping bags and duvets. TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a unit of measurement that indicates how well a bedding item can retain body heat. The higher the TOG, the warmer and more insulating the item.

In addition to the temperature of the room, don't forget to consider the clothes your baby is wearing under the sleeping bag . For example, if you dress your baby in warmer pajamas on cold nights, you might opt ​​for a sleep sack with a slightly lower TOG to prevent overheating. On the other hand, on summer nights when your baby is wearing lighter outfits, a sleeping bag with a higher TOG may be necessary to maintain an adequate level of warmth.

How to choose the right TOG?

To choose the appropriate TOG for a sleeping bag, it is essential to take into account the temperature of the room where your baby sleeps. Use a thermometer to measure the ambient temperature and refer to a TOG guide provided by the manufacturer, which will indicate which TOG is suitable for which temperature range. Depending on the TOG of the sleeping bag , dress your baby lightly underneath, layering clothes if necessary. Pay attention to seasonal changes and your baby's comfort to ensure they are neither too hot nor too cold while sleeping.

When to put TOG 1 Sleeping Bag?

The TOG 1 sleeping bag is perfect for hot summer nights. With a TOG rating of 1, it provides lightweight insulation that is suitable for temperatures around 24°C (75°F) or higher. This sleeping bag ensures that your baby stays comfortable and does not overheat while sleeping, making it an ideal choice for summer seasons when the bedroom is kept at a pleasant temperature. It ensures that your little one sleeps peacefully without worrying about temperature.

If your child's bedroom is well heated, offering a comfortable atmosphere, this lightweight TOG 1 sleeping bag could well be enough to keep your little one at a pleasant temperature. In addition, if your baby tends to overheat easily, this option is very suitable to avoid any nighttime discomfort.

    When to put on a TOG 2 sleeping bag?

    The TOG 2 sleeping bag is designed for slightly cooler nights, typically between 18°C ​​(64°F) and 22°C (72°F). It provides additional thermal insulation, ideal for transitional seasons such as spring and autumn, when temperatures can be changeable. This sleeping bag ensures that your baby stays comfortably warm throughout the night, ensuring a peaceful and secure sleep. Also observe your baby's behavior. If he seems comfortable and sleeps peacefully in a TOG 2 sleeping bag at a certain temperature, this may be a good indicator that it is the right choice for him.

    Transitional seasons like spring and fall may have nighttime temperatures that vary within the recommended range for a TOG 2 sleeping bag , so it is suitable for keeping your baby warm during these times.

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