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Discover our selection of the most beautiful brands available on our website We select each of them according to criteria that are important to us: common values, history, manufacturing process, materials used and commitment.

A unique selection of brands

Babykare aims to support parents from pregnancy to early childhood. To do this, we take the time to think about the interest that each brand could bring to you.

As a result, each of the brands we work with must be able to combine with the products offered by other brands present on Babykare. In other words, we ensure that our brands complement each other in the offering of products and especially their quality .

We want to support young families in all the worlds encountered on a daily basis: sleeping, eating, washing, going out, the house and of course, toys. Each brand has a different proposition value and can therefore make you fall in love at any time!

Among all the brands we offer on Babykare, there are bestsellers that have touched you. We can cite the Dutch brand Jollein , which offers products from all over the world. A special mention for the quantity of prints offered, like the sleeping bags for example. Another very trendy product, the Mommy and Family changing bags from the Belgian brand Childhome . Wooden toys from the Swedish brand Kids Concept are also very popular.

We are keen to highlight French brands , such as Les Petites Billes , which offer innovative and eco-responsible reversible 4-season sleeping bags, Bloomy Kids Co which introduced yoga for children with eco-designed mats , Main Sauvage which makes soft toys from renewable natural materials.

Artisanal quality is also a point that we like to share with our customers, by offering brands that advocate Handmade . So if there are two French brands that share these values, they are the Birth Atelier decorations created by Jeanne and the baby slippers made by Tiffany Couture near Nantes.