Babykare is an online commerce platform that places authenticity, commitment and proximity at the heart of its values. We support you throughout your baby's growth thanks to a careful selection of brands and products from the world of early childhood. Our commitment to you is reflected in a range of brands specially chosen to meet your expectations and the needs of your baby, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality and professional know-how. Discover our selection of the best brands of sleeping bags to offer your baby the comfort and security he needs.

Our brands of sleeping bags

We offer you a selection of high quality sleeping bag brands including Jollein, BB&Co, Les petits billes, Noukie's, Avery Row, Maison Charlotte and much more.

1. Jollein brand

Jollein , the brand that invented the baby sleeping bag . In the brand's early years, German mothers bought standard sleeping bags for their babies. This is why they wanted to make this “sleeping bag” ideal for babies by making a few small adjustments. In their workshop, the model was developed and the first real sleeping bag for baby from the Netherlands thus became reality. Even today, the sleeping bag remains one of the flagship products of the Jollein brand.


In terms of design, the Jollein brand emphasizes animal, geometric or floral patterns, to match the style of the baby's room or the parents' preferences. Jollein sleeping bags can present various patterns, designs or colors, sober and refined.


Jollein sleeping bags are mainly made from three types of materials: cotton, polyester and corduroy. Cotton is favored for its softness, breathability and comfort, suitable for use throughout the year. Polyester is also used for some Jollein sleeping bags, providing additional light insulation and ease of care. Corduroy, on the other hand, is a soft, textured material that brings a touch of luxury and comfort to sleeping bags.

2. Noukie’s brand

Noukie's has developed a world for babies that revolves around babies. The brand offers a range of accessories for children, ranging from soft toys to cradles.

Noukie's also has a wide range of pajamas and sleeping bags . In organic cotton or jersey, they offer softness and comfort to baby at bedtime. With their pastel colors and cute prints, these accessories bring a touch of cheerfulness and peace to little users. The moment to put on the pajamas or slip into the crib will then be pure joy.


The brand is known for its unique and playful style, with cute prints and thoughtful details. Her collections revolve around characters she created: Bao, Wapi, Babette, Lucie and many others. These appear on most of the brand's products, to the delight of children. Material

At Noukie's, you will find a variety of patterns and designs for children's clothing and accessories, including cute animal patterns, night stars, classic stripes, sweet floral patterns, popular hearts, themes seasonal patterns, cartoon characters, modern geometric patterns, summery nautical patterns, and even ethnic patterns for a touch of originality.


Noukie's sleeping bags use different materials to meet babies' seasonal and comfort needs. Cotton jersey offers great elasticity for greater freedom of movement, velvet provides warmth and softness for winter nights, fleece retains body heat, polyester adds warmth and softness as a lining, microfiber sleeping bags are lightweight and breathable for milder temperatures, and some are padded for extra thermal insulation, ideal for cold nights.

3. BB&Co brand

Since 2010, BB&Co has brought a little fantasy into parents' lives thanks to its tender and playful collections for children.

Cute and practical accessories, original gifts, trendy decoration for little ones... BB&Co, both creator and distributor, selects for you products combining originality and quality for little ones, particularly in the world of baby sleep .

This Made in France brand offers you a range of innovative products, at affordable prices, to allow you to have all the keys in hand to please young and old alike. You will be able to find numerous equipment for baby's sleep, such as sleeping bags or blankets, in multiple colors, so that each product corresponds to your world, your environment and your desires. So don't wait any longer and fall for our wonderful plush blankets and our kimono-shaped sleeping bags.


Baby sleeping bags are made from different materials depending on seasonal needs and eco-friendly preferences. Cotton is popular for its softness and breathability, cotton jersey provides stretch and comfort, flannel is warm for winter, cotton muslin is lightweight for warm seasons, fleece provides extra warmth in winter, and cotton Polyester is used for warmth and softness. Some manufacturers also choose organic fabrics free of chemicals for an eco-friendly option.


BB&Co's sleeping bags offer a variety of designs, including cute animal patterns, classic stripes, magical stars, delicate floral patterns, timeless solid colors, modern geometric patterns, seasonal themes, cartoon characters, summery marine motifs and ethnic motifs for a unique cultural touch.

4. Les Petites Billes brand

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! Made In France is in the spotlight

Near Lille in 2018, the Les Petites Billes brand was born. Fully committed to the well-being of little ones, it is the story of two girls who offer magic to parents of newborns.

Les Petites Billes have a very strong commitment. The human side of the brand's adventure promises authentic values. Indeed, they favor products that last and are passed down, committed companies in their region and caring materials. These values ​​are at the heart of their attention, so that they can offer families the extraordinary adventure they deserve. As a result, Les Petites Billes decided to offer an innovative and responsible solution to the families who trust them.


Les Petites Billes sleeping bags offer a variety of designs to suit different tastes and occasions. On the other hand, minimalist and elegant options are available with solid colors, offering timeless simplicity. Classic stripes bring gender-neutral elegance, while geometric patterns such as diamonds, triangles or circles add a modern and stylish touch to sleeping bags.


Cotton jersey is an ideal option for sleeping bags, as it is both soft and stretchy, giving baby great freedom of movement. On the other hand, polyester, while durable and stain resistant, can lack breathability compared to cotton. For added peace of mind, it is recommended to opt for sleeping bags made from 100% cotton Oeko-tex certified fabric, ensuring a high level of safety and comfort for your little one.

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