All our baby and child toys by age group

Choose the toy(s) he needs easily thanks to our classification by age group. Whether for a birthday, Christmas or simply for the birth list, find the toy that will make him happy.

Find out how to choose a toy based on your age?

On Babykare, we have chosen to present toys to you in different categories, classified by age. The advantage of these selections is that you can find what you are looking for while knowing which toys best correspond to the age of the baby who will receive this precious gift.

We have classified the toys by month, then by age, because even if the growth of a newborn progresses quickly, the latter is not safe from danger with a toy that is not adapted to his development . You will find birth toys , specific to newborns , mainly soft toys but also some educational toys.

For toys from 3 months , you will find teething rings , arches as well as small figurines that can be hung on the activity arch to stimulate baby's senses. From 6 months, babies can also develop their touch and logical sense with stacking rings , notably from the Mushie brand, as well as a balance bike with elephant extension from the Leg & Go brand.

After 12 months, your baby will move and exercise more and more. You can start watching baby gym classes! It is in fact in this collection that you will find learning (or balance) games such as cubes, ramps and other games made for climbing and climbing. You will also find rocking toys and a wide range of wooden toys , such as puzzles or shape boxes for example.

From 18 months, you can discover all our baby carriers , specific to baby's mobility and movement. You will also find musical instruments from the Kids Concept brand.

For toys from 3 years old, you will discover all our imitation toys : dinette, kitchen, stroller cradle for dolls, DIY workbench, household utensils... You will also find Banwood bicycles and scooters.

Finally, in our collection of toys from 4 years old, you will discover the splendid yoga mats from the Bloomy Kids brand and in that from 5 years old, thinking games, like mikados for example.