Entire baby & child room

Your baby has specific needs and if you already have the perfect room to place his or her bedroom, then all you have to do is choose an atmosphere, the decoration and above all all the furniture that will fit into it. Thanks to this entire bedroom collection, you can observe the different atmospheres created by the furniture brands present on Babykare. Some collections offer cradles and children's beds, others combine the ages by offering convertible beds, which your child can keep until their pre-adolescence.

A room, an atmosphere

We've sorted the rooms based on similar ambiance and decor. We have very varied room collections. You will be able to choose the cradle, the changing table with its control, and the wardrobe in the blink of an eye.

Our rooms are functional in addition to being aesthetically modern and of good quality. Indeed, you will find normal and co-sleeping cradles, baby and children's beds but also convertible beds, allowing you to keep the same bed for your child, from birth to preadolescence. In addition to being economical, this solution is ecological, since you only buy one bed in the end.

But the practicality of our rooms doesn't stop there! The chests of drawers all have a changing extension, allowing you to create a changing table for baby and transform it into a storage chest once baby has grown up! You can even put it in the master bedroom if you like its design so much!

Let's talk a little, let's talk decor!

If you want a minimalist decoration, with simple and refined furniture, we recommend one of the five bedroom collections from the Belgian brand Quax , which will perfectly give this atmosphere.

If you are more of a mix of materials, opt for our collections from the French brand Théo Bébé . The complete Marélia, Nami and Sophie rooms, inspired by the famous giraffe, all have a touch of rattan on their furniture, which offers a Nordic and natural atmosphere.

Sauthon is our second French brand of furniture for babies and children. Its story spans nearly 70 years of passion and know-how to create the best furniture for children. The Sauthon bedroom collections available on Babykare, Arty, Nova and Seventies, offer refined, comfortable and cozy worlds ready to welcome them from birth. The brand offers products other than furniture, such as sleeping bags, for example.

Finally, you have the Vox collections, which offer lots of different worlds, with the Nautis in natural wood color, the vintage and its pastel colors, or the Paris convertible bed, very trendy at the moment.

To offer the best atmosphere in the baby's room, first select the furniture to give you an idea of ​​the universe you want in decoration !